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Trucker Pollution Insurance- Benefits

Trucker Pollution Insurance- Benefits

Commercial auto insurance is something that every driver needs to insure their cargo before they take the roads. Other than this, there is Trucker Pollution Insurance which not only gets you out of the hands of the CDC but also can help you reduce the expenses you might need to pay after the mishap. You must be knowing trucking accidents happen every day somewhere in the world or in your state. Since they carry heavy and dangerous substances, sometimes they lead to death and destruction, which is what they leave behind.Trucker Pollution Insurance Benefits

Why is there a risk of pollution by Trucker?

It is good to know that the truckers’ main or primary job is transporting cargo and dangerous chemicals and gasses. Many truckers must be traveling every day in good and sometimes harsh conditions like snow, strong winds, and heavy traffic. It is like this which can reduce the total work which you can do in the process. Let us explain with an example- say the trucker is carrying harmful by-products of nuclear products.

This can be very harmful to anyone who comes in contact. There is a distance of 1000 km, which the trucker has to cover to reach the destination. The truck slips on the ice on the way, and its content spills on the road. It usually sips in the cracks in the soil and mixes in the nearby water body. Nature can ruin; anyone who comes in contact can lose their life, and everything is havoc.

Suppose the cargo comes in this kind of situation. In that case, it is better always to have pollution insurance if you have a business carrying harmful content. It can disrupt the normal function of living and nonliving after the accident. You may be wondering – there is not always a cargo that could create havoc like in the above case. Then how why do you need insurance? Even if there was no spill or harm – the road, the truck, and the driver everyone needs compensation.

For that, if you have pollution insurance, it can also help you get good compensation and reduce expenses. When something like this happens, there will always be a cut in your profits. You may not know that normal trucking insurance does not cover Trucker Pollution Insurance. It is an additional charge for you which you can surely reduce if you have such insurance in your portfolios.

Are you liable after the accident?

The liability that the cargo travels after the accident ranges from spills to destruction of government and public property and might include death and long-term harmful effects to the normal people living on both sides of the road. 

Okay, now you must be thinking about how you are liable for any of this, or maybe we are just making it up for you. Let us say you wanted to transport your product from one place to another a product of your company. Your trucking company sells the contract to a third-party logistics company. Now, to reduce the costs, they share the contract with the cheapest company, and they have been unable to keep a check on their drivers.

That truck and the product can strike, and the content of the cargo may litter the road. The new channels came running like vultures, and the reputation of the company went down the drain. This is how you can become from one of the best to the least used ones. Now the case of “Due Diligence” will be there on you. 

So, in the end, trucking insurance is for everyone. It is the trucking company’s responsibility that hires a 3rd party to transport goods and your cargo. It is the responsibility of all the parties in the contract, which is why all the possible scenarios are giving contracts or talking to any of them about the same. 

What are the types of pollution liability?

Pollution can be of many types. It is usually seen that the companies only pay for their truck, extraction of debris, and all other things. What if we can get you the policies that cover your expenses? Less cash is needed to get your truck back, with companies now also lawyer fees. Moreover, you can reduce your unexpected scenarios. The way of the accident, the type of the accident, and also the time. And how it happens can help you find which type of insurance will be more prevalent for you:

  • Liability with Transport pollution – When the cargo is en route, and the cargo gets destroyed or spilled during/ after the accident, transportation pollution is the best policy to take as it will cover the things specifically for transport pollution.
  • Liability with Contractor pollution – This is the type of policy where the contractor is liable for the pollution as it is done on shifting/ loading/ unloading the cargo and comes under their jurisdiction, which leads to coming under their liability therefore, this is the reason why you should we have this insurance for them.

When you will go to the insurance agent to buy the policy, explain to them why and what variables are there in your business of trucking such that they can help you to get the best policy. If you do not know how to explain this to your agent, you can contact us – the Mayflower Insurance Services – we can help guide you to the best plans for your business. We provide customized policies, which will include things per your requirements and needs. Moreover, you can only have to pay for these services. You can reach us at (877) 400-0500 or get your free quotes to get an idea of how much you might be spending for Trucker Pollution Insurance.


Q1. What is a pollution exclusion in insurance?

Ans. It is a type of provision in the first and third provisions that exclude coverage from the insurance.

Q2. Does MCS 90 cover pollution?

Ans. It will come into effect when there is a cause of pollution by the insurer.

Q3. Does CA9948 cover loading and unloading?

Ans. It does not cover the loading and unloading of the cargo and goods.

Q4. What is limited pollution coverage?

Ans. It means the clean-up costs will be given by the insurer.

Q5. Who is required to have an MCS 90?

Ans. All commercial vehicles and private owners should have MCS 90.