What does your travel insurance will cover?

-It usually covers all the expenses of the flight tickets, food, and everything which comes with traveling.

Is travel insurance compulsory for traveling abroad and in the state?

It is up to you - but it is always preferable to have one as it can always come in use during unexpected times.

When does it make good sense to purchase travel insurance?

It makes good sense when you know you are traveling away from home or on longer trips, and you might need assistance.

What are the tips for saving money on a travel insurance plan?

The tips remove additional charges and services that the company adds to your policy.

What will not ever be covered in your travel insurance policy?

Adventurous sports, some pre-existing conditions, exploring accident-prone areas, and many more.

What should you look for when you are buying travel insurance?

It would help if you looked for all the hidden charges, how you could claim the insurance, and most importantly, what the process is and how long it takes to process the request.

Where can you find cheap travel insurance?

You can contact us as we provide tailored insurance plans for you.

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