Plan & support nation’s land, air & sea based travelling.It comes under the federal government's lead agency

DOT Trucking Service Categories

The trucking department supports Low/partial Truck Load (LTL), Full Truck Load, Flatbed Trucking, Reefer Trucking, Expedited Trucking, and White Glove service.

DOT Service Types

DOT services include modes that are railway service, road service, Intermodal transportation, Air transportation, Maritime transportation, & Pipeline.

DOT Service Administrations

DOT administrations are Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Federal Railroad Administration & Maritime Administration.

DOT Service Principles

Serve prior policies, Support workers, experiments & failures, collaboration opportunities, and dynamic with trending technology.

DOT Rules for HOS

14th consecutive hours limit for property drivers, the 11-hour rule, The 30-minute break rule.. the 60-hour and 70-hour limit.