There are few steps to keep your Commercial truck healthy in winters.

1. Please take it easy on the gas pedal. When driving on snow or ice, it's important to reduce your speed to compensate for reduced traction.

2. Use gradual acceleration and deceleration. For better traction and to prevent skidding, gently apply the accelerator.

3. Raise the spacing between you and the person in front to five or six seconds.

 4. Keep your foot flat on the floor and press down firmly and steadily on the brake pedal with the ball of your foot, whether or not your vehicle is equipped with antilock brakes.

5. If you can help it, keep going. The amount of inertia required to get going from a complete stop is substantially more than the amount required to get moving when already rolling.

6. Don't use excessive speed on uphill sections. Putting more gas on snowy roads will cause the tires to spin.

7. When climbing, keep moving forward. Nothing beats the agony of attempting to progress up a slope on an ice road.

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