DOT number is provided to truck industries under FMCSA compliance to monitor safety records and make further inspections.

DOT Number

Where Is The DOT Number Required?

DOT number requires safety, inspections, compliance reviews, and safety information collection from every truck industry.

Businesses Requiring DOT number

Hazmat transportation, more than 10,001 pounds driving, more than 8 passengers, more than 15 passengers transportation, intrastate and interstate transportation.

Tips for DOT Apply

Gather information like Driver work status, vehicle information, vehicle quantity category, cargo transportation category, operation information, hazmat certification & classification.

When you don’t require a DOT Number?

While driving less than 10,001 pounds, while operating intrastate and while not transporting Hazmat material.

How Insurance Support Is Essential?

Getting the right insurance is equally important like having the DOT number to legally regulate trucking on the road.