Check Tread Depth In Your Tire!

Try Penny test by placing a penny upside down. This test evaluates the tread depth to give you an idea about enough traction to grip the road.

It requires a pressure gauge or an air compressor to check. Check for cold tyres or the manufacturer’s recommended PSI for each tire.

How To Check Tire Pressure?

Check Tire Condition & Age!

Check the 4-digit date code at the end of DOT stamping which lies on the sidewall. Or check the 10 to 12-digit serial tyre identification number on the tyre sidewall.

Cracks Condition On The Tyre

It is due to the degradation of rubber. Cracks on the tread blocks or sidewalls must never expose the cords or leak air.

The tire is a crucial component of your commercial trucks. Know these to keep your truck tires in excellent condition.

Keep Your Truck Tires in Excellent Condition