Getting paint scuffs on your vehicle is an unavoidable occurrence and can send anyone into a frustration spiral. One day, you parked your Truck, and upon your return, you witness scuffs from another Trucks bumper bar - annoying!

Examining The Extent of The Damage:

Instantly jumping on the cleaning process is not a wise option. Gently scratch the surface of the affected area with your finger nail and check the extent of the damage.

Wash the Area:

Washing is a vital next step with it comes to removing scuff marks effectively from your vehicle

Applying light paint cleaner in the start: 

Don’t forget to apply a light and less abrasive paint cleaner during the start of the removal procedure. 

Apply cleaner using a clean, micro cloth only:

Aoid using your hands or a dirty cloth for applying the cleaner, as it can further worsen the condition and will make the removal more difficult.

Use an adhesive remover:

You can use any of adhesive removers while making sure that is safe for use on paint and coated surfaces. Some remover works wonders on scuff marks and instantly removes any stains from other object’s paint.

Apply polishing compound:

hile using a disk pad, you can now apply a polishing compound to remove the scratches that were caused by sanding or abrasive method used to remove the scuffs