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How Does Motor Truck Insurance Work?

Motor Truck Insurance is one of the most term topics getting searched all over the internet. From small semi trucks to longer trucks, everyone needs truck insurance for their businesses. It is known that many people do not look at the terms and conditions of the truck insurance policy before buying it, but this is one of the most crucial things one needs to do because, in the latter end, one should not be able to grasp the mind around the terms and policies when the unexpected knocks your door. Let us first understand the different types of trucking insurance.How Does Motor Truck Insurance Work?

Types of Motor Trucking Insurance

  • Primary Liability Motor Trucking Insurance –

    This insurance covers the medical and repair expenses for the other party with whom the accident has happened. The inflicted party can claim from this policy as per the amount you have fixed with the insurance company at the time of buying them. This is a must by the state itself because without it; the trucking business cannot be made legal as per the law.

  • General Liability Motor Trucking Insurance –

    This type of insurance covers all the other types of injuries which happen in your own business with your staff and truck driver, like loading accidents, unloading accidents, off-road accidents, mishappenings in the loading dock, slip-ups, and everything else which you can think of.

  • Bobtail Trucking Motor Insurance –

    This is the type of insurance in which the insurance company covers your trucks when they are running off working hours. It is seen when there is a workload to reach the location on the designated time, and yet, there is a delay, so to cover that time, the truckers are forced to work overtime.

  • Physical Damage Motor Trucking Insurance –

    This insurance is the type when there is damage to your truck, and this is caused by thefts, vandalism, accidents, and many more. If you realize the truck is not working properly, and you have a good amount of insurance against it, you can also get a new truck in its place if you haven’t claimed or used any insurance money before this time.

  • Motor Cargo Motor Trucking Insurance – 

    This insurance covers the cargo and the good which your trucks are transporting from one place to another. The cargo can be lost or destroyed during transportation, so to protect it from such areas, the driver should also be careful and not leave the truck unattended.

How To Find Cheapest Commercial Truck Insurance?

As you know, it is difficult to find the cheapest policies. You can contact Mayflower Insurance Services to get the cheapest rates if you are looking for the best-tailored commercial truck insurance. With almost 20 years of experience selling insurance services, we have been the market leader in getting you the best of everything you need in one place. You can read a number of factors that decide the premiums you need to give to the companies:

  • Driving license
  • Driving records of the drivers
  • How many times have you taken the claim
  • Age of the vehicles
  • The condition of the trucks
  • Location of the company
  • States in which the company does the business

How Can You Save Money On Truck Insurance?

You must be wondering how costly it is to get the truck insured with Motor Truck Insurance, but what if we can help you cut down the list with these few options which you can follow and get the lowest rates:

  • Always go and ask for the fixed premiums which have to be paid because variable premiums can give you a headache
  • Always try to pay up for your insurance rather than paying in installments because once the mental pressure is done, it gives relief, and there will not be aunty interest to be paid to the bank or anyone for the installments.
  • Always ask for discounts from your agents as they know how to get good discounts and if you are still unable to get them, contact our agents and get good rates.
  • Always talk about the security or safety program because, many a time, the company can help you put your policies under protection from 3rd parties.
  • Never state the truck’s value, which is higher than expected, especially with the accidents, as they do not help in getting better claims values.
  • It is always the first thing to get insurance for the older trucks than the new ones because the old ones are something that can always break, unlike the new ones you have recently purchased.
  • You can also ask the drivers and maintain a proper record of the drivers because it will be a good factor in reducing the prices. An immaculate record can get you low premiums and low insurance cost, which must be paid to the company.
  • Always ask the insurance company’s opinion about parking the trucks because they usually have designated stops which can help you to reduce the costs as well as there are fewer chances of burglary, loss of cargo and truck in the places explained by them to you. Moreover, if something happens, it is easy to get a claim from the company.
  • It is always good to get a new and better truck rather than getting and using the old ones because the older they get, the resale value reduces, the more chances of accidents, more mishappenings, and fewer safety features as the new ones. Also, with new trucks, 

The insurance premiums are less because they are new. 

Why Do You Need A Motor Truck Insurance Policy?

Once you have the quotes and have followed the above steps, you can check our rates for the policies. What if we can reduce the cost further for you because we can get you the policies which are as per your requirements? Certain services you will never need have been added to the list; what if we can get you exactly what you want and reduce the cost?


Mayflower Insurance Services were started by Mr. Ashok Vaja, who has always dreamt of providing the best services one needs for trucking insurance. We do not sell Motor Truck Insurance. We provide the customer with a clear picture. We are independent agents in over 20 states which can help you get the best insurance. We are in Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and coming soon.


Q1. What do you mean by Motor Truck Insurance?

Ans. Motor Truck insurance is the safeguarding of your trucks from unexpected calamities.

Q2. What do you need to buy Motor Truck Insurance for old trucks?

Ans. For old trucks you should always have truck insurance because you do not know when they will break down.

Q3. What is covered in Motor Truck Insurance?

Ans. It depends upon your policy and the company which is providing you the truck insurance.

Q4. How can you claim ?

Ans. Every company has their agents and their own policies and SOPs, but you need to inform your company after the mishap.

Q5. How can you pay for Motor Truck Insurance?

Ans. You can pay online on the company’s website or through your agent. Always ask for the receipt.