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Collision Truck Insurance – What Is It & How Does It Work?

Collision Truck Insurance is one of the most liked insurance in a policy because it helps drivers to pay for truck repairs even if they are at fault. It is seen almost everyone buys this insurance to safeguard their expenses, and also it is easily claimable. Due to its unexpected usage, the premiums can be high. Although you must note that it is not mandatory in any of the states in the USA, it is something the businessman buys to reduce expenses, which might strike them at any moment. This type of insurance is suitable for everything, but we are here going to discuss the insurance related to trucks and collisions related to them.Collision Truck Insurance - What Is It & How Does It Work?

What Are The Things Collision Truck Insurance Covers?

Collision truck insurance covers the trucks when they are either struck or hit something by themselves. Here is a list of things that will help you get the claim under Collision Truck Insurance:

  • Another vehicle – it can be anything
  • Telephones poles
  • Guard rail on the side of a road where you drive
  • Fences and signs at the corner of the road
  • Trees and shrubs at the end of the road and
  • Homes and other buildings built on the road

Do you know, as per the policy of the company you bought, it might cover all the expenses when it is a hit-and-run or when the vehicle is soiled or broken it will pay for all the repairs, and in some cases, it will pay for everything if they are done while the truck was on the road. We always advise getting a consult from an experienced agent because you should always know what is covered and what is not covered in the insurance.

What Are The Things Which Collision Truck Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

When you are not at fault, then also this policy will cover the expenses of the truck repairs, but here are a few places that the insurance won’t cover, and you need to buy different insurance policies for each type of claim you need:

  • Damages done to the other vehicle – will not be covered
  • Damages which is done to the pedestrian and animals by the truck
  • Damages are done by natural disasters like fire, theft, earthquake, storms, etc.
  • The insurance will not cover injuries that are done to the body of other vehicles

Now, let us discuss a brief difference between Comprehensive Insurance & Collision Truck Insurance.

Differences betweenComprehensive InsuranceCollision Truck Insurance
It CoversEverything which is not in your control.It covers only things pertaining to the truck owner.
It Doesn’t CoverIt covers everything.It doesn’t cover other than things pertaining to the truck owner.
Is It Needed?It is not required mandatorily by any state but depends on the vehicle owner.It is not required mandatorily by any state but depends on the vehicle owner.
How Much Does It Cost?It costs less than collision insurance.It costs more than collision insurance.
Which Is Important To Buy?Both should be bought to overcome all the expenses in the case of an accident.Both should be bought to overcome all the expenses in the case of an accident.
It Depends On The Place Where You LiveIf the trucks travel long distances and are in high-risk areas, both are needed to be bought.If the trucks travel long distances and are in high-risk areas, both are required in order to be bought.
DeductibleYesYes, it is
The Limit of the coverageActual value of cashActual value of cash

Let us explain to you with an example why you should get both insurances for the smooth functioning of your business.

Imagine Alan’s truck met with an accident, and the owner of the other truck is entirely at fault. Then the driver’s liability insurance will come into effect, and that policy will pay the expenses. Once you know that the other driver is at fault, you file a claim from the insurance company. Now you realize that the insurance cannot pay for all the expenses, the collision truck insurance will come into effect. While the collision will pay for the truck’s repairs, the comprehensive will pay for the rest of the expenses.

Do You Really Need Collision Truck Insurance?

As you must have seen, many insurance types are dependent on the value of the vehicle and the types of accident which has happened; the value diminishes with time, as well as how many claims you have already taken on the truck as per the driving license. If you do not have a loan or a lease that is required, this Collision Truck insurance will cost you a fortune, and the value you will get after the claim is filed will be way less than the amount of the premium you have paid a lot more.


Q1. Is collision insurance required?

Ans. No, there is no state which has made collision insurance mandatory for the truck owner. But there is no harm in buying one with comprehensive insurance as it covers complete insurance of the trucks that are involved in the accident as and when that happens.

Q2. Can you drop the insurance?

Ans. One can drop the collision insurance because when the total amount of the insurance gets higher than the market value of the vehicle, that is when the need for this insurance becomes redundant. 

Q3. Does collision insurance cover the vandalism of the truck?

Ans. It is not covered as it has only become active at the time of the accident, but comprehensive insurance can help you out as it might cover as per the terms and policy of each insurance company.

Q4. Do you need collision insurance for an old truck?

Ans. The truck’s age is not a good variable to decide if you need collision insurance because even a 15-year-old truck will be needed to have it like the brand new one. In both cases, the law doesn’t require one, but it is always good to have comprehensive collision insurance to protect the whole vehicle from all the problems that might come along the way. 

Q5. Does collision insurance cover rental trucks?

Ans. If you have collision insurance coverage, the rental car might be covered, but then you have to check with the state and the insurance company policies before making a decision.